About Us

Mr. Mustafa DERELİ entered the hot-cold forging business in the 1930s and laid the foundations of today's manufacturing infrastructure. In 1934, when there was no electricity in İnebolu, he bought the first turning lathe with great courage. He became one of the most important representatives of craftsmanship in İnebolu by working as a gunsmith, a case and a locksmith.

In the 1960s, Mr. Ferruh DERELİ was also included in this structure, which turned into a workplace that produces and repairs automotive spare parts over the years and they started to work together. In the following years, Mr. Ferruh DERELİ carried the flag he received from his father even further and became a well-known brand in the region by producing automotive spare parts, improving the machinery and equipment of sawmills, steel construction works of the world's longest telpher line between İnebolu and Küre and similar manufactures.

In 1989, the dream of "Let's make mass and standard production" which was always dreamed, came true and an infrastructure was started to be created to start the production of "Electromagnetic Brake" with an offer. Machinery investment, human investment and the development of product infrastructure continued rapidly. By 1989, the production infrastructure was established and over the years, 3rd generation Mr. Ahmet DERELİ and Mr. Mustafa DERELİ were included in the production process and DERELİ FREN started to become a well-known brand in Turkey in the Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch sector.

In 2012, opened Istanbul Branch with the mission of faster service and delivery to industry and industrialists.

In 2017, the foundation of Turkey's largest Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch production facility, 13.500 m2 open and 5.000 m2 closed area, was laid in Kastamonu Organized Industrial Zone and started operating in 2021.

With its ever-growing vision, customer portfolio and exports to 41 countries throughout the 32 year period from the day it was founded to this day, it has increased its annual production of approximately 35.000 units, without compromising its quality understanding and produces spring applied, current applied and permanent magnet brakes and current applied clutches.